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Department and Zones:

The Advanced Product Creation Department (APC) is based in ERC, PVBU, Tata Motors Pune. And is responsible for engineering required for Product conceptualization. The department is also responsible for completing Pre-KO, KO and DR0 deliverables. It also interfaces with Design (Style), Product Planning, Vehicle Integration, COC, Performance groups etc as required for successful delivery of feasible Product concepts. The department reports into the Head, PVBU Engineering. The APC Team comprises of 5 zonal architecture groups and 1 function. viz:

  • Engine Bay Architecture       
  • BIW Architecture
  • Interior Architecture        
  • Exterior Architecture
  • Cockpit Architecture       
  • BOM and DMU

Roles & Responsibilities :

  • To study product requirements, seek any additional inputs required for product conceptualization.
  • To create new product concepts, proposals for implementing new aggregates, features.
  • To perform alternate evaluations of products, their platform and architecture.
  • To analyse PALs, preliminary PAT targets. Provide alternate solutions for compliance. Give recommendations for preferences and balancing.
  • To perform feasibility studies for functional, packaging, regulation, performance, features, carryover strategy, quality targets, cost and time requirements etc. Ensure all basic checks of DFMEA, PFMEA DFM, DFA, KPR and DFS necessary and sufficient for product conceptualization are completed.
  • To perform/ analyse core & adjacent competitor benchmarking, analysis for BIW architecture zone.
  • To plan & execute pre-DR0 CAE activity, ensure compliance to the preliminary PAT requirements.
  • Provide functional expertise for BIW engineering feasibility & its vehicle level integration aspects. For re-solving critical platform, architectural, Integrity associated and Manufacturing issues.
  • To create & implement design guidelines, standards and best practices for aggregate integration, vehicle platform, architecture. Update for lessons learnt, regulatory, consumer protocols and other environmental changes.
  • To device & implement efficiency improvement measures across vehicle integration function.
  • To build capability of OPL, VPL. Continuous upgradation of Vehicle Platforms and Architecture knowledge base. And implementing the learnings for competitive advantage.
  • To study and anticipate new features, technologies, upcoming regulations. General feasibility checks and plan for integration of the same.  Assess impact of future PT requirements, Design trends, Markets etc. for the BIW architecture zone.
  • To plan, monitor, co-ordinate, and lead BIW architecture zone & Projects from pre-KO till DR0. Responsible for all engineering progress and deliverables.

Work Experience:

  • Work along with product planning, design (style), regulatory, performance, Engineering, prototyping etc functions for flawless DR0 delivery. As well as for any new product conceptualization.
  • To ensure gateway deliverables as per NPI Gen3 process. As applicable for Pre-KO, KO, DR0. e.g. Preliminary BOM, PMXU, OPL, VPL (1,2,3), feasibility Checks (0,1,2), ergo buck sign-off report, Pre-DR0 CAE sign-off report and PAT compliance report etc.
  • Prepare product concepts while working with relevant product development functions. (PPG, COC, PATs, Design – Style etc.)
  • Develop system level strategies and their integration, implementation plan along with COCs.

Candidate Profile:

  • Experience in Engineering of BIW (Apart from basic BIW structure parts also includes interface elements such as mechanisms, soft trims, hard trims,HVAC, wiring harnesses, static and dynamic sealing system, Chassis systems, powertrain systems, restraint systems, etc and allied technologies associated with formability, joining systems, corrosion  etc),
  • Experience in Closure ( Apart from basis closure shells also include mechanisms like hinges, latches, locks, winding system, mirrors, Handles, checkers etc and interface elements like trims, dynamic sealing, bolsters, etc)
  • Thorough understanding of relevant vehicle level integration aspects of the same.
  • Worked on various performance attributes like Vision, Ergonomics, HMI, PQ etc. and regulatory, safety aspects, load paths, crash performance, sealing performance, NVH, durability, Aerodynamic and thermal systems relevant for BIW and closure.
  • Completed engineering of minimum 2 full cycle complete BIW and closure in role of lead engineer, Worked on Structure, hang on parts, mechanisms, various aggregates supported by BIW like Chassis  powertrain, trims, cockpit etc.
  • Understanding of Crash, Durability, Aerodynamic and NVH CAE, knowledge of input, output requirements as relevant for BIW and Closure.
  • Knowledge of latest joining, forming, materials in BIW and closures.
  • Knowledge of materials, processing/ manufacturing techniques used for BIW and closures.
  • Experience in product proving stages for BIW and closures like DVA. And understands DFMEA, PFMEA, DFM, DFA, DFS aspects.
  • Good knowledge of PQ and •General awareness of vehicle level systems and their interrelation. General awareness of electrical architecture.
  • Understands importance of delivery with time, cost and quality aspects.
  • Knowledge of product development milestones and time lines.
  • Understanding of Engineering, Process BOM, Module structure.
  • Tools : Expertise in Catia V5, Worked on Team Center, Worked on Pro-E, Vis-mockup. tools.
  • Soft : Moderate presentation skills, Integrity, Team player, Adopting to changing requirements


  • Pune, IN

Tata Motors Leadership Competencies:

  • Customer Centricity – Anticipating, understanding and focusing efforts on meeting the customer (stakeholders) needs or expectations
  • Developing Self and Others – Recognizing continuous development is essential for success and taking steps to develop self and helping others to excel
  • Driving Execution – Translating strategy into action and execution
  • Leading by Example – Encouraging and following ethical standards
  • Leading Change – Recognizing the need for change, initiating and adapting to change
  • Motivating Self and Others – Inspiring teams and individuals

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